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About the journal

Contemporary Eurasia, ISSN - 2579-2970, published by the Institute of Oriental Studies of the NAS RA, was founded in 2012. Contemporary Eurasia is a peer-reviewed journal. It publishes on international relations, politics, ideology, religion, regional transformations, and the history of Eurasia twice a year. The journal welcomes theoretical and practical contributions aiming at furthering scholarship and academic debate on the emerging role of Eurasia in global geopolitics. Contemporary Eurasia features research articles, book reviews, and academic round-table and conference reports. It is published in both printed and online versions.

Our publishing is performed at no charge to the author.

All content is available on an open access basis.

The journal is currently archived on our webpage. All issues and data repositories of the journal are also available at the Pan-Armenian digital library. Contemporary Eurasia is indexed in the online database of Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), in the online database of Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and in the online database of ERIH PLUS.

The journal "Contemporary Eurasia" allows all versions to be deposited in an institutional or other repository of the author’s choice without embargo.

Aims & Scope

Contemporary Eurasia aims to develop an interdisciplinary platform for debates of researchers in the fields of Eurasian studies, geopolitics, political science, regional studies and history.  The focus of articles ranges from the countries of the former 'communist bloc' of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Asia. The journal explores the economic, political and social transformation of these countries and the changing character of their relations with the rest of Europe and Asia.

Contemporary Eurasia publishes only original research articles.


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