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Belt & road initiative and the increasing relevance of Armenia-China bilateral investment treaty

Saren Abgaryan

vol. VIII(2)

Pages 4-20

Abstract: The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was announced by Chinese

President Xi in September 2013, with the goal of creating robust

continental and maritime trade and investment infrastructure connecting

Eastern Asia to Western Europe. Armenia is considered one of the

countries situated directly on the roadmap of BRI, which introduces an

opportunity to deepen Armenia-China investment relations, attracting

Chinese capital for infrastructure and greenfield investments in Armenia.

The Armenia-China bilateral investment treaty (BIT) signed in 1992 will

govern the private and public investment initiatives between Armenia and

China, and there is a growing need to re-examine the protection standards

contained in the BIT with the objective of renegotiating and updating the

treaty. Armenia-China BIT contains substantive and procedural protection

standards for foreign investors that are considerably outdated. In order to

facilitate and promote investment relations between Armenia and China,

the parties need to draw particular attention to this fundamental document

which lays out a framework of protection for investments between the


Keywords: Belt and Road Initiative; Armenia; China; Bilateral

Investment Treaty; Investment protection.

Saren Abgaryan
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