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China-Pakistan space cooperation: path, motivation and the future

Kuang-Ho Yeh and Guihua Ni

vol. XII(1)

Pages 26-50

Abstract: After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, friendly bilateral

relations between China and Pakistan have become increasingly close in various fields

following China’s peaceful rise. The space cooperation that started after the end of the

Cold War is a sign of the gradual progress of the relationship between the two

countries to the current all-weather strategic cooperative partnership. With China’s

assistance, Pakistan has achieved significant milestones in the space field. Pakistan is

also a key node in China’s strategy to expand international space cooperation. After

the 2010s, China-Pakistan space cooperation was integrated with the construction of

the Space Silk Road and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor under the framework

of the Belt and Road Initiative, becoming a model for space cooperation specifically

promoting the social and economic development of developing countries. This paper

outlines the complete picture of China-Pakistan space cooperation under the

evolutionary logic and chronological context of "ideological-materialization" two-way

mutual construction, so as to reasonably predict the prospects of China-Pakistan space


Keywords: China-Pakistan Space Cooperation, Space Diplomacy, Space Silk Road,

Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization.

Kuang-Ho Yeh and Guihua Ni
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