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Conflict management vs. conflict resolution in the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process

Elya Aghajanyan

vol. IX(2)

Pages 51-74

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to explore the dynamics of

Azerbaijan’s policy towards Armenia in the framework of the NK peace

process with a particular emphasis on the concept of ‘strategic

patience.’ The theoretical part of the paper discusses two key terms of

peace studies: conflict management and conflict resolution. Also

covered are the determinants which shape and distinguish between these

two terms and their strategies, putting “strategic patience” within the

broader framework of conflict management strategies. Then the

manifestations of Azerbaijani policies towards the peace process since

its independence to 2019 are analyzed. Primarily, this article discusses

the conflict resolution efforts made by the mediators and, in that

context, the various means and approaches that Azerbaijan has utilized

in between these processes. It analyses the speeches of Azerbaijani

leaders in order to understand their position.

Keywords: Conflict management, conflict resolution, strategic patience,

NK peace process, Azerbaijan.

Elya Aghajanyan
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