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Contemporary issues related to environmental security in the Eurasian Economic Union

Tatul Manaseryan

vol. IX(2)

Pages 75-86

Abstract: The first two decades of the third millennium have clearly

displayed the need to deal with the burden of historical heritage related

to human security and, in fact, to growing insecurity. Moreover, no

nation is able to solve this issue unilaterally – isolated from regional,

transregional, as well as global trends and developments. Therefore, the

emerging trend of regionalization presumes the mounting synergy of

nations in an attempt to reveal, reduce and eliminate existing threats to

human security. Regional security issues were aggravated by Azerbaijan

with its widespread aggression along the entire border against the

unrecognized state of Artsakh. This became a real threat to neighboring

countries and the entire region due to the active involvement of Turkey’s

army with the use of NATO weapons and internationally restricted

missiles and other armaments. This is considered a terrorist attack against

a peaceful population, involving thousands of specially trained mercenary

terrorists from Turkey, Pakistan and Syria. Soon after the start of the war,

terrorists appeared in Armenia, Iran, Russia, and even in Europe,

bombing synagogues, churches, and attacking peaceful citizens. The war,

terrorism and their consequences are spreading rapidly. Joint efforts are

required not only for the fight against terrorism, but also against other

threats during this fragile peace. Issues related to environmental

security are among the various threats that face the human race in the era

of digitalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. While many threats

are prioritized globally and formulated in Sustainable development goals,

others are justified by national and international experts.1 Our study

concentrates on threats at the regional level, particularly covering the

relatively new regional formation called the Eurasian Economic Union


Keywords: economic threats, environmental security, Eurasian Economic

Union, regional challenges, war in Artsakh.

Tatul Manaseryan
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