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Hydro-hegemony in action: the problem of water in the Israel-Palestinian conflict

Shoghik Tadevosyan

vol. VIII(2)

Pages 82-104

Abstract: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long history. In this

multilayered conflict, water has its own crucial role leading to the

manifestation of hydro-hegemony. Access to adequate water resources

has effectively perpetuated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and continues

to hinder any effort to establish a lasting peace between the two parties.

Therefore, this article aims to reveal the reason behind the importance of

water and the factors that lead to hydro-hegemony. It demonstrates that

water is a highly politicized component of this conflict and serves as a

tool for Israel to oppress and dominate Palestinians. However, it is

important to note that all this is the result of the asymmetrical power

distribution between the parties and the continuous efforts of one side to

control the other.

Keywords: hydro-hegemony, water issue, Israel, the Occupied

Palestinian Territories, West Bank, Gaza, conflict.

Shoghik Tadevosyan
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