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Imperatives of Georgian diplomacy and the cooperation of Tbilisi and Beijing

Beniamin Mailyan

vol. VIII(1)

Pages 63-75

Abstract: The article considers the characteristics and key aspects of

cooperation between Georgia and China. It celebrates the success of

these countries in the institutionalization of economic contacts, which is

the core of Beijing's initiative to form a pool around its project,

“Economic Zone — the new Silk Road”. At the same time, it

emphasizes that the potential for cooperation between the Georgian and

Chinese sides has only just started gaining momentum. Its rapid

development in the near future promises to change the configuration of

some of Georgia's foreign policy doctrine, which is now focused

exclusively on the Western community of nations. The country of the

Golden Fleece is clearly looking at themselves as the main partner of

China in the South Caucasus region. The active participation of the

Georgian side in the implementation of China's geo-economic models in

the near future promises to make the issue of accession of Georgia to

NATO and the EU not as relevant as it is today. Georgia's foreign

policy strategy will be influenced by agreements signed in the

framework of the partnership between China and Russia on the multivector

model of transportation of goods and resources within the

framework of the convergence of the Eurasian Economic Union and the

Silk Road Economic Belt.

Keywords: Georgia, China, cooperation, transit corridor, alternative

project, economic zone

Beniamin Mailyan
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