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Investigation of Chinese strategies during the pandemics through the lenses of Mozi and Galtung

Song Yanhua, Shen Xingchen, Wang Yingxue

vol. X(2)

Pages 5-23

Abstract: The concept of war is the core of military thought. Johan Galtung

established the theoretical paradigm of Peace Studies and was known as the "father of

Peace Studies". Mozi was a strategist and thinker with a unique pioneering spirit

during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. His idea of

"universal love and non-aggression" is a model of ancient Chinese pacifism. Although

they lived in different times, both of their views on war have had a significant

influence on the world. Their views also share many commonalities. They both believe

that the root of war is the struggle and dislike of people. They both oppose war and

advocate taking care of people. However, due to being from different times, there are

huge differences in their views in regards to being anti-war, the level of taking care of

the population, and the means of defense. The purpose of this comparative study is to

promote the innovative development of China's traditional culture. It also provides

useful inspiration for China's peaceful construction during the current pandemic.

Keywords: Galtung, Mozi, viewpoints of war, peace, epidemic situation

Song Yanhua, Shen Xingchen
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