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Japan’s political and economic strategy in Central Asia

Yeva Harutyunyan

vol. IX(1)

Pages 25-38

Abstract: This paper examines political and economic strategy of Japan in

Central Asia and tries to reveal Japan’s main interests in the region.

Strategic geography and rich natural resources of Central Asian states are

attracting Great Powers and neighboring regional states to increase their

influence in this region. Though Japan is not engaged in “new great

game” politics, it has its political and economic strategy towards the

region. For realizing it, Japan is conducting bilateral and multilateral

relationships with the states of the region by using Official Development

Assistance (ODA) program as a tool.

Being interested in political stability and security of this region, Japan in

its political and economic activities assists the states of Central Asia to

overcome economic difficulties and isolation as well as promotes the

formation of political union for further integration of Central Asian


Keywords: Japan, Central Asia, oil and gas pipelines, peaceful nuclear

energy, Silk Road (or Eurasian) Diplomacy.

Yeva Harutyunyan
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