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New era with new opportunities: the perspectives of China and the GCC economic and energy relations

Aram Abajyan

vol. VI(1)

Pages 37-58


The main purpose of this article is to analyze the origins, historical

background, development plans and the future between GCC (Gulf

Cooperation Council) unit and rising China. Investigating various aspects

of economic, as well as energy cooperation between the sides help us

comprehend present situation and also predict the possible perspectives

among them.

The GCC’s economic advantageous status in world affairs with its

significant global shifts is attractive to major powers. Especially its

cooperation with principal economic partner China, tends to enter new

and more promising level in the field of international relations.

Although China-GCC relations are developing in multilevel perspectives,

oil sector is going to remain the most significant ‘driving force’ shaping

these ties at least in foreseeable future: Beijing’s growing energy

demands will stimulate the process. On the other hand, ensuring world

major power’s huge energy needs can help GCC unit make its transition

processes from regional to global international arena more rapidly and


Keywords: China, GCC, economy, energy, cooperation

Aram Abajyan
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