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Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon: governance and violence

Lilit Harutyunyan

vol. VIII(1)

Pages 5-19

Abstract: The paper focuses on the violence affecting Palestinian refugee

camps in Lebanon. It investigates leadership failures which make them

objects of state governance and subjects of interpersonal violence. It

contends that the violence is not only the result of an Islamist militant

ideology for a specific political or social cause, but also of horrible living

conditions. The lack of legitimate governance structures in the refugee

camps has prevented any improvement in living conditions. This has

generated types of violence that compromise the security of Lebanese and

Palestinians living in Lebanon, especially in the neighborhood of refugee

camps. Long-term deprivation and marginalization are mainly the results of

state policies towards refugees that have generated unique forms of

violence in the refugee camps.

Keywords: Palestinians, Lebanon, camps, violence, governance, refugees,

Islamic movements, Hizballah

Lilit Harutyunyan
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