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Political crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan, 2013-2017

Mushegh Gahriyan

vol. VI(1)

Pages 28-36


Iraqi Kurdistan faces harsh political and economic problems because of

the unstable situtation in the Middle East and within the autonomy. The

aim of the paper is the study of the political crisis in Iraqi Kurdistan and

the political transformations the Kurdish region undergoes in recent

years. It explores the developments in Iraqi Kurdistan since 2013-2014 as

well as regional situation and its influence on the Kurdish autonomy. The

article concludes that the crisis of legitimacy and undiversified economy

are major problems for the Kurdistan Region and undermine its stability.

Both were not solved by the end of 2017. Another significant point is the

end of the era of long-time charismatic leaders in the Kurdish region of


Keywords: Iraqi Kurdistan, Barzani, oil, crisis, presidency

Mushegh Gahriyan
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