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Rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Israel in the framework of the balance of power theory

Hermine Hovhannisyan

vol. IX(2)

Pages 4-29

Abstract: Over the past two decades, there has been a noticeable shift

in the relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Although they are

attempting to keep their relationship secret, there is substantial evidence

of their cooperation and behind-the-scenes diplomacy. How can

formerly hostile countries get closer? According to the balance of power

theory, states can forge alliances against one potential stronger power.

In this case, both countries have shared concerns in the region, Turkey

and Iran particularly. Hence, their newly emerged cooperation is meant

to neutralize common threats, and the theory of the balance of power

could explain Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s recent rapprochement.

Keywords: balance of power, Saudi Arabia, Israel, rapprochement,

Iran, Turkey.

Hermine Hovhannisyan
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