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Reshufflings within Syrian security system in 2019: determing political motives and objectives

Grigor Vardanyan

vol. XI(1)

Pages 20-26

Abstract: This study is aimed at firstly scrutinizing the reshufflings within Syrian security system in the first half of 2019, secondly to understand the internal and external motives and objectives of new appointments in security and intelligence departments. There are two research questions: 1. What were the key factors behind the decision of the Syrian authorities to conduct reshufflings within Syrian security system? 2. What were the main internal and external actors involving in the configuration processes within Syrian security elite? In the second half of 2019 Syrian authorities were lacking loyal and credible security system which was heavily eroded facing grave threats posed by external and internal state and non-state actors during the Syrian crisis. Analyzing the reshufflings within Syrian security system, discussing the real objectives of the changes, and given all the perspectives and thoughts of subject matter experts we draw our own perspective on the subject and make conclusions.

Keywords: Syrian security system, Syrian Air Force Intelligence, National Security Bureau, Fifth Corps, Alawites

Grigor Vardanyan
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