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Some aspects of the Algerian-Russian military cooperation: the features and prospects

Aram Gasparyan

vol. XII(1)

Pages 51-63

Abstract: The article examines the military cooperation between Algeria and Russia,

which is of key importance for bilateral relations. The cooperation between the two

countries intensified and received a new impetus during the presidency of Abd al-Aziz

Bouteflika and Vladimir Putin. In a short time, Algeria became the largest buyer of

Russian weapons in the Middle East and North Africa, which, together with the

revenues from the sale of oil, strengthened Algeria's position and increased its

influence in the region. At the same time, military cooperation with Russia had a

significant impact on the development of political relations between the two countries.

Algeria gradually became an important strategic partner for Russia in North Africa.

In presenting the Russian-Algerian military cooperation, it is important to highlight

certain aspects that have had both positive and negative effects on this partnership

during different periods. These aspects include a shared desire for strengthening

positions, as Russia and Algeria have shown a mutual interest in bolstering their

positions and influence in the Middle East and African region; political cooperation

and similarity of positions on a number of international issues; and the Russian-

Ukrainian war, which had and has some impact on military cooperation.

The current trajectory suggests that there are no apparent factors that could impede

the deepening of the existing relationship, but taking into consideration the new

geopolitical developments in 2022 related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and

anti-Russian sanctions, Russian-Algerian relations will undergo a qualitative

transformation. The article presents a novel approach to examining the potential for

military cooperation between Russia and Algeria, taking into account the abovementioned


Keywords: Algeria, Russia, arm deals, Ukrainian war, military cooperation.

Aram Gasparyan
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