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The impact of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon: geopolitical aspect (The beginning of the conflict)

Lilit Harutyunyan

vol. XII (2)

Pages 5-14

Abstract: The paper analyses the geopolitical impact of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon. This impact is observed in two forms: one within the Syria-Lebanon relations (a sub-regional) and the other one within the wider Middle East (a regional). The first refers to the direct repercussions that the increasing instability in Syria has on the Lebanese part. More specifically, the impact that have some factors of the Syrian crisis –increasing confessionalism and Islamic radicalism- on the internal political and religious power relations of Lebanon. The second form of impact refers to the indirect yet critical repercussions that the regional instability of the Middle East has on Lebanon. As a state of proxy actors through which the regional powers project power and as an integral part of the Syria-Lebanon sub-region, Lebanon is the primary point on which the regional systemic pressure is applied. As a result of this regional impact, the internal political and religious power relations of Lebanon become a micro-level representation of the regional power relations of the wider Middle Eastern system.

Keywords: Lebanon, Syrian crisis, Hizballah, geopolitics, regional power, confessionalism 

Lilit Harutyunyan
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