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The implications for Eurasian Economic Union South Caucasus energy policy

Armen Manvelyan

vol. VI(1)

Pages 19-27


The Eurasian Economic Union could change the economic and political

landscape in Eurasia and in the South Caucasus. Armenia, with its recent

decision to join the Union, is especially sensitive to resulting changes in

the South Caucasus. Low oil prices are changing the energy politics in the

South Caucasus, which means that that the importance of Azerbaijan as

an oil-exporting country is decreasing, and this in turn impacts the entire

South Caucasus as an oil transit route. Armenia's ambitions to be

involved in the process of establishing a "single energy space" are of

strategic importance. This, together with its participation in the "North-

South high-voltage energy corridor" project - might help Armenia to

reinforce its position in the South Caucasus.

Keywords: Armenia, energy politics, the South Caucasus, the Eurasia

Economic Union, Energy transportation infrastructure, Azerbaijan.

Armen Manvelyan
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