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The influence of the amendments to the electoral code of Azerbaijan on the opposition parties

Garnik Davtyan

vol. X(1)

Pages 34-47

Abstract: The purpose of this study is the examination of the Electoral Code of Azerbaijan, to show how it affects the conduct of the elections and their results. The principal results of this research show how the Azerbaijani authorities have built the Electoral Code in a way that maximizes their power at the expense of the opposition. On top of that, it is possible to state that the authorities deliberately ignored the opinions of authoritative figures and created favorable conditions for them, ignoring the opposition.

Emphasizing these conclusions, it should be noted that as a result of the changes in the Electoral Code, an atmosphere has been created in Azerbaijan where the opposition has an absolute distrust of the current government. There are no fair elections, and there are serious loopholes where even struggling has become meaningless.

Keywords: Azerbaijan, Electoral Code, Venice Commission, proposal, opposition.

Garnik Davtyan
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