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The Karabakh problem in the mid-2010’s

Alexander Krylov

vol. VI(1)

Pages 9-18


In this article a situation on the territory of Karabakh conflict and

the positions of the conflicting parties are analyzed. These are

based on a “package approach” (Armenia) and “step by step

approach” (Azerbaijan). These approaches of the sides are at a

complete contradiction and are the main reason for the

ineffectiveness of the negotiations under the OSCE Minsk Group,

thus increasing the likelihood of a transition to a military-force

scenario to solve the problem. Russia's policy is seeking to prevent

a new war in Karabakh by maintaining a comparable militarypolitical

balance of power. In this situation, the main task of the

OSCE Minsk Group and Russian diplomacy is a creation of

effective mechanisms to prevent the resumption of hostilities.

International ceasefire monitoring will create conditions for the

activation of the negotiation process with the aim of achieving a

comprehensive settlement of the Karabakh conflict. In the

alternative the Karabakh problem will continue to be a source of

international tension.


The Karabakh problem, Azerbaijan, Armenia, NKR, Russian policy,

the OSCE Minsk Group, the CSTO, military-political balance

Alexander Krylov
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