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The military doctrine of Azerbaijan: assessing the implementation process and policy implication

Tina Kharatyan

vol. VII(1,2)

Pages 21-40


In June 2010 the Military Doctrine was adopted in Azerbaijan, and new policies

were put into implementation based on the vision of the document. The

MD has become the proper installation of Azerbaijani aspirations to restore

territorial integrity by any means including military operations. The document

provided an impetus to spend billions of dollars on purchasing weaponry,

developing army structure, constructing new military bases and enlarging

arms production. Policies derived from the Doctrine not only pushed the rapid

military growth of Azerbaijan but led to the high level of public securitization

as well. Therefore, this research has an aim to assess the causation

between the document adoption and defense policies, which were implemented

to guide the military build-up of Azerbaijan and achieve social unity legitimizing

the possibility of war.

Keywords: military doctrine, Azerbaijan, military build-up, Nagorno-Karabakh


Tina Kharatyan
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