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The monuments heritage: the individual’s role and responsibility in preserving

Subramanian Krishnan Mani

vol. VI(1)

Pages 59-90


Protecting the built heritage and conserving the local traditional and

cultural values of communities for future generations present a real

challenge for developers, architects, and professional education programs

which are responsible for preparing the courses focused on heritage

conservation aspects, learning respectful aware design with cultural

context, and qualified graduates in planning, design, and implementation

of conservation projects.

These monuments, in a way bring to the forefront, the elegance and

splendour of the bygone era. We can get a glimpse of the world’s past

through these monuments. With their elaborate superfluities and

wonderful architecture, Indian monuments represent one of the most

outstanding facets of the multi-faceted Indian culture. The monuments of

India must become an inspiration for the future generations.

The paper looks into the historical aspects of the preservation of

monuments, fate of the unprotected monuments, and responsibility of the


Keywords: Heritage, preservation, protection, monuments, UNESCO,

legislation, cultural property

Subramanian Krishnan Mani
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