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Torn between loyalty and identity: the Crimean Armenians in the Post-soviet era

Davit Aghabekyan

vol. X(2)

Pages 24-42

Abstract: The following research tries to understand how the lives of the Crimean

Armenians were impacted after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After briefly

discussing the Crimean Armenian communities in the Soviet Period, the article

mainly focuses on the social and political issues that Armenians of Crimea have

faced during the post-Soviet period. There are two research questions: 1. What key

problems have the Crimean Armenians encountered during the post-Soviet

transformational period? 2. How did the 2014 events impact the Crimean

Armenians? With the help of content analysis and interviews, the research looks

into these and a set of other relevant questions. The main findings are that Crimean

Armenians have mostly perceived the peninsula to be more Russian than Ukrainian,

that is why their lives were not dramatically affected after Crimea came under the

control of Russia, apart from some issues concerning traveling and visas,

documentation and social protection.

Keywords: Crimea, Armenian diaspora, Ukraine, Russia, Identity politics

Davit Aghabekyan
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