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Turkish domestic factors and Ankara's military operations in Syria

Levon Hovsepyan and Tatevik Manukyan

vol. XI(2)

Pages 5-21

Abstract: The Syrian conflict became one of the most important directions of Turkey's

regional security policy, playing a key role in the redefinition of Ankara's security

policy and the expansion of Ankara's power projection area and tools. The military

operation "Euphrates Shield" in August 2016 thus became the first attempt at the

massive use of the military in regional policy after 1974, which justified the vitality of

aggressive initiatives among the ambitious Turkish elite and had a unique domino

effect. The purpose of the article is to highlight the domestic factors that supported and

conditioned Turkish military operations in Syria, as well as the main objectives

pursued. The article contains a case study, the focus of which is Turkey's military

operations on Syrian territory and the military-political goals pursued by them.

Furthermore, the Turkish domestic factors and transformations that enabled and aided

in the implementation and expansion of these military operations are revealed.

Keywords: Turkey, Syrian crisis, military operations, regional and security policy,

strategic culture, PKK/PYD.

Hovsepyan Levon and Tatevik Manukyan
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