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Turkish initiatives in the direction of Turkic integration: prerequisites and tendencies

Nelli Minasyan

vol. XI(2)

Pages 22-39

Abstract: The main purpose of the research is to analyze the main document of Turkic

integration, "Vision--2040", the directions of integration, Turkish President R. T.

Erdogan's initiatives in the direction of Turkic integration and the approaches of

Turkic republics. The Turkic integration process is a reality and it is a complete

program which includes the political, economic, cultural, security spheres. The

research is conducted using the historical analytical method.

The research demonstrates that the key structure of Turkic integration is the

Organization of Turkic States, and Turkey's goal is not only economic, political and

cultural integration, but also strategic and military.

Under the leadership of R. T. Erdogan, a lot of work is being done in the direction of

Turkic integration and there are some results. The Turkic republics of Central Asia are

currently interested in Turkic integration and are participating in that process to some


Keywords: Turkic Integration, Organization of Turkic States, "Vision-2040", Turkic

World, R. T. Erdogan.

Minasyan Nelli
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